Amal 1 is a network of educational institutions, engaged in the advancement of comprehensive
and technological education for youth and adults. Located throughout Israel, Amal 1's
schools can be found in Jewish, Druze, Bedouin and Arab communities.

Amal 1 aims to provide advanced academic, scientific and technological education for its students,
while endeavoring to instill social and ethical values in its students. Its schools provide equal
educational opportunities regardless of sex, race, religion or ethnic background.

Quality education places great demands on today's educators; professionalism, caring, involvement,
integrity, initiative, perserverence,innovation and constant striving for improvement are the
cornerstones of Amal's educational endeavors.

Amal 1 is committed to providing quality education and strives toward excellence in all its educational
endeavors, and, in keeping with the ongoing trend toward implementing computers in learning, has
established the Amalnet computerized communications project and internet site.