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The Death of Princess Diana

In the middle of the night, between Sunday August 31 and Monday September 1, 1997, Princess Diana was killed in a horrible car accident in Paris.

Suggested Songs

(these are only a few suggestions - many more songs are available)

Song Title
Lyrics Available
Related Activities
Theme / Key Words
Elton John
Yellow Brick Road*

(*for the original version of the song)
Candle In The WindInternational Lyrics Server

(both versions: Norma Jean and England's Rose)
lesson plan
respect and pride, death, dealing with stress, fate, role of the media, roles people play, power and control, exploitation, confusion, love and compassion, legends, loneliness, popularity
Brian Adams
Diana International Lyrics Server
social scene,
Phil ScopesFour Years At Lane Tech Diana International Lyrics Server
AlcatrazzDisturbing The Peace Will You Be Home TonightInternational Lyrics Server
driving blind,
being drunk
Al Stewart Russians And Americans Accident on 3rd Street International Lyrics Server
lesson plan
death, dealing with stress, fate, responsibility, road safety, human nature
BeatlesThe BeatlesDon't Pass Me By International Lyrics Server
car crash,
The Smiths The World Won't Listen There Is A Light That Never Goes OutInternational Lyrics Server
die young, car crash
social scene
various artiststhe musical Hair Where Do I GoInternational Lyrics Server
why do I live and die?
VisageBeat BoyOnly The Good Die Young International Lyrics Server
too young to die

Other Themes / Key words

Articles from the Jerusalem Post

Hounded to death: A modern legend

Paparazzi craze not Israeli - yet

Suggested Activities

  1. Candle In The Wind: song - compare 2 versions of song
  2. Accident on 3rd Street : song - listening cloze activity
  3. Send condolence messages to Diana's children, Prince Harry and Prince William: Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey both have Princess Diana memorial pages, but the sites are quite busy, so it is often difficult to enter them. There are many alternative condolence sites. You can find a list of them at Coverage From TIME and PEOPLE MAGAZINE
  4. Picture Descriptions
    You might want to begin at: CNN's picture gallery which has pictures of Diana's life.
    Choose pictures that are clear and show one or more subjects of interest.
    A) Whole Class: Display one of the pictures. Elicit adjectives, and descriptions. Write the words or sentences on the board. Write a description with the pupils (pupils take turns saying sentences in a logical order).
    B) Pair or Group Work: Pupils choose a picture to describe (either from pictures brought in by the teacher, or searching for pictures on-line). Without showing other groups their pictures, pupils write a description of the picture they chose.
    C) Whole Class: Pictures are collected, numbered and displayed. Pupils are given descriptions written by others. Try to match the descriptions to the pictures.


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