The Inter-Galactic Travel Agency

The Inter-Galactic Travel Agency is looking for exotic places througout the galaxy, for tourism, travel and resort pleasures for the traveller who has seen it all!

You are a member of the research and discovery team of this company.
You have embarked on an exploratory journey in your mother spaceship.
The destination is the third blue star in the far-off solar systems...

You have seven days to complete your report. Your mission is to return to the spaceship with information. The ship's computer has selected, at random, the following sites for investigation:

1. Rio de Janeiro
2. The Caribbean Islands
3. U.S. National Parks:Yellowstone and Yosemite
4. Greece

Stage 1

Stage 2

Now that you have collected your information, prepare an ad campaign for travel to the planet earth.

The campaign should include the following:

  1. Short ad presentation (to be broadcast, primetime, on home screens across the galaxy).
  2. Poster - light and clear (for use on shooting stars).
  3. Jingle - not more than 30 seconds long (to be broadcast on suitable audio channels).
  4. Internet banner.

For your convenience, we suggest the following stages in preparing the campaign:

  1. Data collection (report).
    Define opportunities and problems in terms of market - product - consumer. Who is the target audience for earth-bound vacation package? What product are we offering them? What are the advantages of this product?
  2. Prepare graph of timetable for the yearly advertising campaign, taking into consideration campaign budget.

1999, Amal Pedagogical Technological Center

World of Travel and Transportation