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Let’s take a trip and visit Greece.
The question is: What does this beautiful country have to offer. During our trip we will learn about various aspects of Greece, a number of milestones.

  The first MILESTONE:

Greece is well known for its mythology. How about reading something about mythology?
Click on:
Read the text: THE 12 GODS OF OLYMPUS


Answer the following questions:
  1. What was the role of each god and goddess?
  2. Now, explain in your own words: Do you think Gods had a greater role than Goddesses?


  3. What did they constitute?

  4. What contribution have they made to the history of Greece?


  5. How would you match the males to the females since they are talking about couples?
  6. Would you match them by physical appearance or would you consider other factors, too?


Click on ATHENA the goddess of wisdom and literature.
Read the text and answer the questions:
  1. Why were Athena’s powers more masculine than feminine? Does the text mention any differences between masculine and feminine powers? If so, copy them down. If not, then make some up.

  3. Describe the way Athena was dressed. What would you think of today's girls if they dressed like Athena?


  5. When did she become the goddess of ingenuity and skill?

  6. Give examples of "ingenuity" and "skill" to explain the meaning of these words.

  7. How do we know she was a fighter for peace?
  8. Do you know of any other women who were or are fighters for peace? Give examples.

  9. What did she encourage people to do?
  10. How did Athena's encouragement effect people?


  11. How did the city of Athens get its name?
  12. Do you know of any other cities in the world which were named after famous women?

The second MILESTONE:

Now, let’s get familiar with some Greek Islands.

Click on:

Listen to the music while choosing one, two or three islands you would like to spend your vacation on.
Which islands have you chosen?

The Task:
Send an e-mail message to a Travel Agency in order to tell them about your intention to make a reservation for one week during the summer. Use e-mail.

The third MILESTONE :

Let’s meet the soldiers of this country.
Click on:
Look at the pictures of the Acropolis. Scroll down and click on SEE the EVZONES.
Look at the soldiers in the pictures.
Do they look like our soldiers? What are the differences and the similarities between the soldiers in the pictures and Israeli soldiers?

After you have looked at the pictures very carefully, do you find more differences than similarities?


The fourth MILESTONE:  
If you are young and a bit romantic... I am sure you are young, but are you romantic?

How does a romantic person behave?


Click on
The Task: The words worship life, the most wonderful gift God gave us. Write a Poem in which you praise and worship life.   Copy the poem on this page, too.

The Two -Week Project:

Find other places in Greece where you would like to spend your vacation.

There are lots of them - believe me!!! Plan your own trip itinerary.


Use the Internet to get more information.
Use Power Point to make a presentation.


1999, Amal Pedagogical Technological Center