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We have traveled to different parts of the world by plane or by train or by spaceship....
Today we are going to explore the beautiful Caribbean Islands.
Our trip will take us to the following hot spots:
    Part I

The Bahamas

1. Click on: http://www.geographia.com/bahamas/

2.The Bahamas is an archipelago;
Do you know what an archipelago is?

3.Look for help on the Internet can help or use a dictionary.
Write down the definition.

  Read the text and answer the questions:

4.What is the meaning of the word "cays"?
Look up the word "cays" and write down its definition.

5.Where is Nassau situated? What do we know about Nassau?

6.Make up a chart, including a description of the place. Prepare the chart using Microsoft Word.

7.What do we know about the Grand Bahama Island?
Why is this island called "Grand Bahama"?

8.Make up an advertisement to promote the Bahamas. Use Power Point to make your presentation.


    Part II

By the way, have you heard about The Gulag Archipelago? And about Alexander Solzhenitsyn?

Click on: http://www.eleaston.com/solzhenitsyn.html
Read the article "BOOK of the CENTURY"
Answer the following questions:

  1. Who is A. Solzhenitsyn?
    What else do you learn about Solzhenitsyn from the text?

  2. What is the Gulag Archipelago known for?
    Where is the Gulag Archipelago situated?

  3. Why is the place called "clandestine Archipelago"?
    Why did the Russian Authorities keep the place hidden from the rest of the world?

  4. Why is it called "the pole of ferocity"?
    What is a"pole"? Give examples.

  5. What does the Archipelago stand for?
    What does the Gulag Archipelago symbolize?

  6. What else can we find out about Gulag?

The Final Task:
Make a postcard and send it to your friend.
And don't forget to include pictures! You may copy them from the internet.

1999, Amal Pedagogical Technological Center