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Fed up with all the pollution of the big cities? Are you ready to breathe in some fresh air? It. s time for a change of scenery!
Let. s check out the
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Click on: http://www.nps.gov/yell#top

Read the text and answer the questions:
1. Where is Yellowstone National Park?"


2. What are the two things that characterize the park?


3. What are the geological features of the park?

4. What is meant by the expression: "Old Faithful"?

When would you like to visit the park? During what season?
In order to make the right decision, let's find out more.

Go to: http://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/weather.htm
Click on each season and read the information before you make up your mind.
5. When would you like to visit the park?

6. List characteristics of the season you have chosen.

7. What advice does the article give you?

Do you want to learn more about the Yellowstone Park?
Of course you do!
10. Look at some of the other parts of the site:

Describe what you like about the park and why you think it is interesting.



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