Welcome to OUR NEWSROOM!

The Newsroom leads to several different channels.

Some channels will lead you to THE VILLAGE MAGAZINE, where you will get updated news 24 hours a day - even faster than a daily newspaper! Others channels will take you to electronic news sites, such as Webcams, which give us live pictures of life around the world, and Weather channels for constant updates.

The list below will take you to the latest news, writing activities and quizzes and the place where you can publish your own reports. Here we give you professional tips and editors' secret hints to improve your news writing!

TOP NEWS - Here you can find the most important stories happening now.

BUSINESS - What's up in the world of work, money, finance and commerce.

TRAVEL - Get ideas and information about the world away from home.

HEALTH & LIFESTYLES - Find out what's up with the latest fads and trends in health, sport, fashion and other essential things of life.

ENTERTAINMENT - Stars and fun for everyone happen here!

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - What's shaping our world in the new millennium? Computers? Bio-engineering? HD-TV? Look for it all here.

The following channels lead to information from a variety of electronic news sites that give a different perspective on the news.

NEWS ON VIDEO - Choose the online streaming video of the breaking news important to you.

WEATHER - Sites that bringing the weather to your screen.

WEBCAMERA - Watch the world go by from here!

THE ASTROLOGIC ZONE - Find out about your future from so many different "new age" sites.
These channels take you to a more personal side of writing:

HERITAGE - Unless you know where you are from, you can't really understand where you are going. Here we see how the past affects our present and the future.

POETRY - The goal of these activities is to bring poetry out of the textbook and closer to the lives of students.