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Alcatraz, It's there in the middle of the water....
You don't want to try and get there by swimming...
not even if you are planning a trip to San Francisco...
Instead, you can take a virtual trip to the most famous prison in the world.

Go to:
The main page of the site is displayed.
Read the first paragraph and answer the following questions:

1. What do you learn about the past of the place?

 2. What does the word "incorrigible" mean?

3. Why does it say that the place in the present is a "place of contradiction?"

Read the first two paragraphs and answer the following questions:

 4. Write down your impression after reading the description in the first paragraph.

 5. What do you learn about the inmates of the prison? (para. 2)

 6. What does the word "disembark" mean?

 7. Explain, in your own words, the following: "and utters words that will
   never leave your conscience; 'Welcome home, welcome to Alcatraz.'"

Scroll down and look at the pictures. Click Next.
Read the first paragraph and answer the questions:

 8. What is meant by: "confinement conditions" and "ironhanded discipline"?

 9. What was the division into classes based on?

  10. What were the third class prisoners deprived of?

Scroll down and read the paragraph that begins: "In April of 1934..."
Answer the following question:

11. What changes did the prison undergo in time?

Click on Escape Attempts.
Read the first paragraph and answer the following questions:

12. Has any prisoner ever succeeded in escaping?

13. What does the passage tell us about the "successful escape"?

Choose 4 of the 14 escape attempts and read about them. (Click on NEXT to read about more attempts.)
Answer the following question:

14. What made the prisoners try to escape in spite of the fact that they were aware of the risks?


  1. Click on: FAMOUS INMATES.
    Choose one of the famous inmates, read about him and make up a list of the most exciting events  in his life .

  2. Go back to the main page; click on any topic that interests you! Read more about the prison , its history and its inmates, etc.

  3. Write a short assignment on what you would do with Alcatraz if it were up to you. Use Microsoft Word.



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