Click on the picture and choose an article about sports from ABCNews.

Then look at the story's headline, picture and caption, then answer these questions:

  1. What words best describe what you see?
  2. advice fun personal
    social problemchallenge
    recipesdangerous success
    failure fitnessdisease
  3. What do you see in the picture to make you choose the words you did?

Answer the following questions:

  1. What was the most important information in the story?

  2. Which of the words above did the story use?

  3. Why did they use these words?  To express opinion?  To report facts? To shock?

Follow up activity:
Make a list of the new words you found in the story.  Define them.

Use Microsoft Word  to write about your summary of this news story, include some of these words .

E-mail you summary to your teacher.

1999, Amal Pedagogical Technological Center