No Path Without Pain

Amal Remembers Yitzhak Rabin and His Struggle for Peace

I Remember

Write about what you remember

What were you doing when Rabin was assassinated? How did that affect you?
Where were you the night that Rabin died?
Did you pay tribute in his memory? Did you visit Kikar Malchei Israel, pass
the coffin or visit the cemetery?
What did you do in school the day of the funeral? Did you spend time
talking about what happened? Did you collect pictures and articles from
Did you write letters to Rabin's family?

How to write the composition

Use a word processor to write your composition.
Prepare an outline of the main ideas you want to write about before you
begin writing.
Organize the ideas in a logical way.
Check that your English is correct.

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After you write about your experiences
you can send us your composition by e-mail if you want other people
to read what you wrote.

We will post it for other people to read .

Please include the following information when you submit your

Date submitted
Your Name (you can just give your first name if you want)
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