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Imagine - Lesson plan

Artist: John Lennon
Album: Imagine
Themes : peace, unity, utopia, tolerance
Summary: John Lennon imagines what it would be like if the world
became one, a brotherhood of man. People would not be divided by
countries, religion or possessions. He realizes that people may think
he's a dreamer, but he hopes everyone will join him in the dream.
Lesson Plan:
Get the lyrics from one of the following sites:

Prepare a cloze version of the song. Copy the words and paste them
into a word processor. Delete the words you would like the student's to
fill in. You may want to include a glossary of the missing words.
For lower-level classes you could put in the first letter of each missing
Try a clozemaker software program to create the passage. One
excellent program is Clozemaker by Martin Holmes. Clozemaker is a
freeware program which allows the teacher to design on-screen or hard
copy printed "Cloze" exercises for language students.
Click here to download a copy of Clozemaker
If possible, number the lines of the song. It will make it easier for
pupils to follow class activities.
Make enough copies of the song in cloze version for the pupils in the
class or let the pupils work directly on the computer (prepare a file that
everyone can reach, or use Clozemaker's on screen test function).
Find a recording of the song that you can bring to class (cassette tape
or CD).
If you have soundblasters on the computers in the lab and the right
plugin for your Web browser, you could let the students listen to a
recorded file of the song.
In class:
Pre-listening activity: Who was John Lennon? What do you know about him? Make
sure to discuss his peace efforts. What happened to him? (he was assassinated -
find more information about his assassination from other sites on the Internet).
Hand out the song: Pupils read the song and try to fill in the blanks without
listening to the song.
Listen to the song: Play the song once. Pupils fill in the blanks as they listen to
the song. The song can be played again a few minutes before the end of the
lesson, after a class discussion, so pupils will appreciate and understand what they
are listening to.
Go over the words of the song with the whole class.
Analyze the song:
1. What was Lennon's vision of peace. Give examples.
2. What is the meaning of the title of the song?
3. Was Rabin's peace only in his imagination, too?
4. Compare Lennon's vision of peace to Rabin's.
5. What's your vision of peace? What do you wish for? What are you afraid
of? What kind of world will it be if we all live in peace?
Follow up activities:
1. Write about your Imagine. You can write a composition, a poem, a speech or
a letter.
2. Read other pupils' Imagines:
Our Imagines
3. Find out more about John Lennon
John Lennon Links
There is (there's): give examples of things there are in times of peace and
times of war.
Give other examples of the structure imagine living life in peace.
Try other verbs: enjoy + ing, dislike + ing .....
Have pupils create questionnaires based on the topics which have come up
in class. Pupils then exchange questionnaires. The results are then
reported back to the class.
Conditions: I wish, I hope, I want.
After pupils write down all the things they wish and hope for the future,
they should give reasons why they want each thing.

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