Road Safety - Guided Research Project

How much do you know about driving safely?
Consider the following issues and try to understand how they effect you.
Before you write your report,
read articles and look at sites to find information.

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"Drinking and Driving" Click here for articles

How does alcohol effect the driver?

Which population or age group is more likely to drive under the influence?

What do you think should be done to people caught driving and drinking?

"Cellular Phone Use" Click here for articles

What is important to know about driving and cell phones?

How do you think cell phones should be used when driving?

"Graduated Licensing" Click here for articles

What is graduated licensing?

Where do they have it, and with what result?

Are you for or against graduated licensing in Israel? Explain:

Search for more information by copying the titles of each issue into a search engine
( or

"Seat belts and road safety"

Why is it important to use seat belts?

Obviously it saves lives. But how else does it effect you?

"Unsafe Driving"

What is unsafe driving? (Find some examples)

What do you think about this kind of driving?

Follow-up activities:

1. Prepare an ad or poster on the following theme: DRIVING SAFELY!

2. Use PowerPoint create a lecture about safe driving and present it to your class.

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