from Rachel Tal, Inspector for English, Amal

I'd like to take this opportunity at the onset of the new school year to wish all the English teachers a successful and fruitful school year. I'd also like to inform you of a few interesting projects and developments for this school year:

Teacher Counsellors Creating a Newspaper
Amal Schools On-line My Favorite Bookmark
In-service Training  


Teacher Counsellors
In order to faciliate the teachers' work, teacher counsellors have been appointed and will visit schools that need assistance regarding teacher development materials development, update of methodology and alternative assessment, etc. Please free to contact them, by phone or e-mail.:

  • Debby Gabai, Technological High Schools, the Northern Region, Tel: 06-6786592, email:
  • Aviva Shavit, Bedouin Comprehensive High Schools, the Southern Region, Tel: 02-9908338; email:

Creating a Newspaper
This successful project develops writing skills via newspaper production. Those schools interested in taking part should contact me. An in-service training session will be held in October at the Jerusalem Post Publishing House in Jerusalem. To get a detailed teacher's guide contact me.

Amal Schools On-line
Most of Amal's comprehensive high schools are connected to the Internet, and a fully modernized interactive center for English instruction has been established at the Amal Bet Comprehensive School in Petach Tikva. Schools that are interested in visiting Amal B or would like to know more about teaching with the Internet may contact me. Amal is currently investing considerable time and effort in preparing schools for the 21st century, with particular emphasis placed on the study of English using up-to-date software and the Internet.

My Favorite Bookmark.
I'd also like to recommend a most useful site for those of you who teach 3-point studnets or average 10th grade students. These web pages focus on utilizing CNN news stories for teaching reading comprehension. A "featured story" is abrreviated for easier reading and ready activities are provided: http:///

In-service Training
A 56 hour in-service training course (including gmul) will be held in the North for teachers of weaker studetns in comprehensive and technological schools.

Syllabus: Reading and listening comprehension skills and strategies; Materials development and adapation;
Selecting suitable textbooks; Teaching English with computers; Class management; Motivation; Alternative Assessment.
Location: Tiberias.
Lecturers: Debby Gabai, Dr. Rachel Tal

Teachers who are interested in participating should contact Rachel Tal or Debby Gabai.

1999, Amal Pedagogical Technological Center