Forums, Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

    ETNI discussion list for English Teachers
    This is the main mailing list for EFL teachers in Israel. Here you communicate via e-mail with English teachers, counselors, textbook authors and inspectors.

    IETN Forum Groups. This forum runs itself. Send a message, which is immediately posted for all to see. Reply to other messages.

    ETC: ESL Teacher Connection. A web site that provides an open forum for teachers of English as a Second Language to share class activities and lesson plans with other teachers. An interactive "bulletin board," this web site allows you to post lesson plans and activities that have worked well in your classroom.


    ELT Journals

      TEFL Farm
      bimonthly electronic magazine for EFL teachers.

      ETNI News (Ramat-Negev). Issue # 1 (June 1, 1997)
      "The Weak English Learner and English Students with Learning Disabilities"

      Trends. The annual research publication of CONTACT, the Israel Organization for EFL Teacher Trainers.

      English Teachers Journal. The page was still under construction September 97.

      Internet TESL Journal. Articles, papers, lessons plans, classroom handouts, teaching ideas & links. This is a monthly web magazine, so make a bookmark.

      The Grapevine - The Haifa District, English Inspectorate, Newsletter

    Technology and Education Journals

      T&L Home Page. T&L Online, brought to you by the editors of Technology & Learning magazine, the leading publication for technology-using educators.

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