Keypal projects can be a fun way for students to practice writing and reading in English.
    E-mail projects may take on a variety of forms, from basic letter writing to multidisciplinary projects.
    We hope the following sites will be useful for teachers/students interested in keypals and E-mail projects.

Finding Keypals

    eMail Classroom Exchange - K-12 Education Resource. Over 2,500 participating classrooms - free of charge.

    Mighty Media KeyPals Club - a place for young people, teachers and students to locate and correspond with other youth and students around the world.

Reference Materials

    "Global Communication through E-Mail," a report by Ruth Vilmi at the Language Centre, Helsinki
    University of Technology, about an international project linking students through e-mail. Problems encountered are discussed, along with helpful suggestions for implementing e-mail projects.



MUD's and MOO's

    MUD is a Multiple User Dimension
    MOO means MUD - Object Oriented
    These are text-based virtual environments somewhat like real-time conferencing that "offer a pseudo-physical dimension: Players talk in rooms, can move between rooms, interact with objects [and other people.]"

1999, Amal Pedagogical Technological Center