CLTA Listening Activities
    reading passages with interactive questionaires on variety of subjects, including sports

    Conversations for ESL students. Each sentence in the book is linked to a sound file in AU format. SoundMachine is the software recommended for Mac users to play AU files. For PC Windows users, Naplayer, which comes with Netscape, can play AU files.

    Listening and Speaking. Links to listening comprehension sites on the Web.

    The TOEFL PREP Starting Page. The Interactive TOEFL Preparation is an interactive test using Shockwave. Activities include: grammar, listening and reading comprehension activities.



    Disney Song Lyrics. This site contains the song lyrics from several Disney features.
    There is also a page with lyrics from the Disney Afternoon TV series.

Teaching through Song

    Sing it! Learn English through Song. Commercial site with examples from Sing it! - a series of six books and six cassettes that teaches English to beginning through advanced students using popular and folk songs.

    Music and Song. From the Oxford University Press Series of Resource Books for Teachers. To find the book in the catalogue, enter the name in the search field.


    The Academy of American Poets
    Site includes large variety of audio files of Poets reading poetry. Requires Real Audio plug in.

    Living English
    presents authentic language in meaningful real-life contexts.

    Audionet Continuing Education. AudioNet's site for interactive education. Educational institutions, organizations, and corporations offer a variety of educational programs on AudioNet. The programs are broadcast live and recorded so you can listen on-demand at any time.

    Welcome To PoliceScanner. Listen to live police reports from Los Angeles, Dallas, or New York. Requires RealAudio.

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