E-Magazines For Kids

    Morning's Morning. A simple newspaper for kids, with interesting articles and comfortable layout.

    Time For Kids. This version of Time magazine for youngsters presents excerpts from the printed periodical Time for Kids. As new articles appear each month or so, this site doesn't provide up-to-the-minute current events coverage, but it does have some fun, newsy reading.

    Sports Illustrated for Kids. This kids' version of Sports Illustrated is written on a kids' level without being patronizing, and it's careful to be as gender-balanced as one can get covering sports. Kids can read sports news articles, take a trivia quiz, find out which sports heroes share their birthday, and play a couple of interactive games. Offers league standings, brief histories, rules, and other information for a whole slew of sports.

    Frodo's Notebook - Online collection of poetry and essays by teens