Tower of English - Fun site with variety of activities and projects for ESL students to use and practice English.
    Karin's ESL PartyLand. Learn using the internet, music, movies, and news. Offers quizzes, surveys, forums, E-pals, chats, and more.
    Earthlink Teenzone. Site includes sections on following: Weekly Poll; Advice for Teens; Chat Rooms; Comic Books;; Fashion and Beauty Tips for boys and girls; Free Stuff off the Internet; Jokes Page; Magazines: Music; School Help; Television Shows; Xtreme Sports.

    Please note: This site is not intended for children under 13. Some of the subject matter here may be of a slightly mature nature (PG-13).
    If you're under 13, please visit Kids' Space instead!

    Welcome to Club Girl Tech!
    Girl Tech's mission is to encourage girls in technology use by creating products and services just for them. Colorful and lively with areas such as Chick Chat, Game Cafe, Invention, Girl Views, Sports, Girls' World, Bowtique, Tech Trips.

    FunBrain - Great site for all ages, with wide variety of activities.