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The English Global Village

This site utilizes the most advanced technology and graphics to provide a unique "edutainment" experience. Netscape 4 or Explorer 4 (or more) are required. The site is best viewed in 800X600 resolution.

The English Global Village caters to the needs of students interested in using the Internet to improve their English in an experiential and stimulating way. The Village also offers a wide range of materials and resources for teachers of English.

Activities in the Village are based on the web-quest approach, that is, guided research which takes the student on a step-by-step journey through the internet, gathering information at each stop, and assimilating new vocabulary along the way. Interactive computer applications allow the student to collect and record information on-line as an integral part of the process, and generate reports upon completion of the activity.

Most activities in the Village integrate one or more advanced, interactive applications and generators developed by the development team of the Amal Pedagogical Technological Center. Graphics are user-friendly and dynamic, making navigation easy and fast. The result is a modern, interactive system for studying English in an Internet environment.

Interactive materials for students are organized by theme, according to the following categories:

Cyber Worlds

In each of these worlds, the student can experience a wide range of activities, on a variety of levels, taking advantage of up-to-date information sources. Travels throughout the Cyber Worlds expose students to diverse materials in authentic English.

The Newsroom

This section is characterized by the study of current English, combined with the acquisition of Media-related skills. Activities place students in the role of the novice journalist, they learn about the differences between various kinds of articles (features, profiles, interviews, etc.) and produce their own materials for publication in the Village’s electronic magazine.

ESL Resources on the Internet

A catalog of resources on the internet for both students and teachers of ESL/EFL.

The E-mail Village

The E-mail Village aims to facilitate communication, written and oral, between students in Israel and students of English-speaking countries, including participation in forums, bulletin boards, chain stories and more.

The Holiday Bus

Activities and links to resources on various national and religious holidays.

The three levels of activities are the following in
the Israeli English Curriculum

LEVEL 1 = Foundation, Stage 3 and Intermediate, Stage 1

LEVEL 2 = Intermediate, Stages 2 & 3

LEVEL 3 = Proficiency, Stage 2 & 3


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